About Me

Education and Work

For my background in software development, see below and the rest of my website.


Below, I note most operating systems and programming languages which I worked with so far. However, there are things which are not so easily described: There's the big picture, that is Software Engineering, - including project management, architecture, programming and deployment. The most important thing to focus on is to satisfy the people which will be the users of the software.

I favor "light" development processes, i. e. those who only afford the necessary bureaucratic overhead (and not more) to get the job properly done. See the Agile manifesto.

I have experience with these operating systems (alphabetical order).

  • Apple Mac OS X - I have this system on my notebook and like it a lot.
  • FreeBSD - I administered two servers at work for five years and had a desktop client at home for two years.
  • Linux - I experimented with several distributions at home. Since October 2004, I'm running Gentoo Linux.
  • Microsoft Windows - Used mainly as an X terminal at work. ;-)
  • OS/2, eComStation - I used them for my desktop at home for about five years.
  • Sun Solaris - I worked with Solaris during my PhD studies for many simulations. This included some Fortran programming.

I have experience with these programming languages (again, alphabetically).

  • Assembler - I used it to write a simple graphics compression routine for the Apple II, and for a hardcopy routine for my 9-pin Star printer.
  • BASIC - This was my first programming language which I had already learned when I got my first computer :-)
  • C++ - I wrote 9000 lines for a gas/liquid chemical reactor simulation for my diploma thesis at the Technical University Clausthal.
  • Forth - I like it a lot, though I haven't used it for a long time now.
  • Fortran - I had to use Fortran during my Dr.-Ing. studies for some reaction kinetics and liquid-liquid equilibrium routines.
  • Maple - Maple was useful for some symbolic computations (solid-liquid reaction kinetics) for my Dr.-Ing. thesis. I've done only a little programming in Maple.
  • Matlab - I like Matlab! I used it for writing simulation code for the dynamic simultaneous diffusion and reaction in float glass melts.
  • Pascal - This was my second programming language, and my main language when I had an Apple II. However, I became frustrated when my programs no longer fitted in the 64 KB memory ;-)
  • Perl - I wrote several small programs with it. Before advancing to larger ones, Perl was "superseded" by Python. ;-) You may check out my comparison of the two.
  • PHP - I used it on a job for web programming.
  • Python - This is the language I'm most familiar with. I have given some presentations, and even wrote a book. I use Python at work and for my private projects.
  • Rexx - I wrote some installation scripts in my OS/2 days.

Other computer-related skills:

  • PostgreSQL database (administration, SQL)
  • Web programming (HTTP, HTML, CSS)

Other Hobbies

  • Finland - I was there on a business trip in Helsinki in 1998 and liked it a lot. In 2003, I was two weeks on vacation in Finland; I visited Hanko, Helsinki, Rovaniemi and Tampere.
  • Hiking
  • Psychology - I'm very conscious about people and the interactions between them. I also like to help others and to teach.
  • Tolkien, especially "The Lord of the Rings"

URL of this page: http://www.sschwarzer.net/me/index.html